Project Wishlist

Projects we need/would like to do:


  • we need to look hard at the front end of the network to see what will need to be redesigned/shored up for higher capacity access.  Our stuff may be ok, but I kind of envision having the SANReN connection switch see campus as several distinct subnets with a firewall for each…thereby keeping the ruleset small in each firewall and providing some redundancy.  More proxies to share the load & a system for distributing clients to proxies…or transparent proxies on the firewalls?
  • IDS (intrusion detection system) & threat monitoring at network ingress.
  • WiFi footprint on campus…eval managed WiFi solutions  and identify deployment areas.
  • Resnet…get it working (policy, deployment).  Management  tools for Resnet compliance?
  • Security…isolation of Wireless networks as additional  zone?


  • clean up and maintenance of DHCP & DNS.  Implementing DHCP failover.  Naming conventions for DNS, reverse  zones, and doing correct delegations for and
  • Zimbra…provisioning and email migration?  For staff. LDAP authentication for possible student use?
  • Mail client reeval…Thunderbird + Calendaring, Firefox + Sunbird
  • Mobile support for mail/calendaring?
  • Other mobile apps…we haven’t thought about this space, it will be huge, and will have a higher uptake with our students than practically anywhere.
  • multiple MX for our incoming mail…mail should continue to come in via R/Bay even when our main link fails.  And, shouldn’t R/Bay Internet continue to function when their link fails?
  • mailing list manager - GNU mailman?  Automatic provisioning of standard lists (dept, faculty, HoDs, etc) from ITS HR data.
  • mailing lists/groups for students, automatic provisioning of classlist mail aliases, etc.
  • comprehensive monitoring of system availability and things like Internet connection throughput.
  • Evaluations of Alfresco, Liferay Portal, OpenCMS, Drupal,  Joomla, Moodle, SAKAI LMS.  Implementations of some of these. (We are supposed to be doing a *very rapid* RFP for a CMS and redevelopment of the Unizulu website with in-hosted. We are supposed to be in-hosting the Unizulu website, but this is dependent on the DNS delegation getting done).
  • Effective use of Virtualisation in our server farms
  • Terminal Server/LTSP services and using thin clients (to extend PC lifecycle)
  • PC asset tracking and register — and integration with helldesk system.
  • integrated fax system?
  • bulk SMS/group SMS solutions…class contact, etc.
  • LCR options and costing…SIP providers, ECN, etc?
  • Tracking of workstation usage…especially in labs.
  • Power management in data centre and on staff & lab  workstations.  Estimating our power consumption & costs  & savings.
  • storage management strategy & hardware options.


  • Captive portal implementation for Internet access & usage accounting, etc.  (I have design and prototype work done   here…it needs the focussed time of a webapp programme in the java/groovy stack).
  • Automatic provisioning of students on Moodle in classes. Migration of gradebook results from Moodle back to ITS?
  • Web based app for maintaining prospectus online, generating PDFs for prospectus & ITS curriculum info, reports on subject usage, etc.  Handling of Dual Majors…content
  • management academic planning/enrolment management framework & web based planning tools reports…this will be integrated into the timetabling process.
  • Develop quick filesharing app like Wayne Muller’s IMS:Spade

General Management:

  • service costing for our platorms and our service catalogue.  (developing a published service catalogue would be a start,  I put something on one of the pages on a  few weeks back).
  • Management of the podium PCs…remote management?
  • R/Bay campus infrastructure — file share, internet, printing
  • Printer usage management & reporting
  • document management…Alfresco possible platform?  Scanning solutions…workflow…integration with fax solution/email solution?

MIS/BI/Admin support:

  • MIS/BI tools evaluation…the OLAP/cubes stuff from the consortium that provides the stuff to UJ/Annemarie.
  • integration of chargeback systems into ITS.
  • looking at campus systems like P/Soft, 3Rivers/CAMS
    planning TCO migration for ITS integrator, possible  migration to Linux?  On VM?

Academic Support:

  • Re-look at electronic assignment submission…the shared drive stuff has had serious holes in it for student collusion and  cheating.  Do we need to move to a full LMS, or some other  tool.
  • Eval of…online assignment submission and  marking?  Integration with LMS (Moodle/Sakai).
  • facilities for publishing staff/student personal web pages?
  • web conferencing/video conferencing facilities (and *pleeze*,  something a bit X-platform…GoToMeeting does not work  except on IE, and I *hate* that).

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