ICT Service Catalogue

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ICT Services and Infrastructure:

Teaching, Learning and Research General ICT









Student Lab PCs Desktop PCs ITS: General student support – admissions, registration, academic records, graduation Access Control, Staff/Student card system Backbone network planning, management and administration
Classroom presentation PCs Standard SW licensing and support ITS: General HR support, payroll, etc. Student meals point-of-sale Internet service provision & planning (incl DHCP, DNS, firewalling, IP routing, SSL config, etc).
Elearning portal/CMS Network logins, filesharing and printing ITS Financial systems, GL, procurement, creditors Interface with bookshop point-of-sale. Infrastructure (server, storage) planning, management and administration
Student network logins, fileshares and printing Document/content management, sharing and workflow Management Information and reporting IP video survelliance User provisioning and identity management
Internet access and bandwidth management Internet access and bandwidth management Self-service web applications for student info, SMS/IVR services PBX/IP telephony Internet security and firewalling
Student email Staff email Academic Timetabling and planning Backups, business continuity and DRP
Residence Network General web hosting, web application support and admin Service chargebacks General system administration, monitoring, scripting for data integration, etc.
Specialised Academic Software Campus Wireless access Bespoke development: admin systems & MIS
Web-based applications for collaboration, content management, etc Remote access – dialup, VPNs
Bespoke development: web-based applications

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