Wireless solution for more Internet access capacity

Published August 29, 2008 by soren

In order to alleviate the “bandwidth crunch” we have been experiencing since the start of 2008, we are ordering the following services from Zululand Wireless Networks in Richard’s Bay:

  • a 4Mbps link wireless point-to-point from our main campus into the ZWN network.
  • a 4Mbps ADSL service (at the ZWN offices in Richard’s Bay — we cannot get ADSL service from our local exchange in kwaDlangezwa) with a 200GB/month cap.
  • an additional 2Mbps point-to-point VPN link to our Richard’s Bay campus.

Our current plans are to use the 4Mbps ADSL service to handle the demand from our student labs during the day and leave the staff Internet access on the main 2Mbps link to campus.  Students will be moved off the link during the evening so that we do not exceed the 200GB/month limit on our contract.

With the 2Mbps VPN link to the Richard’s Bay campus, we will also be able to use that link for additional capacity, especially to services like esAL (library), CAO and the TENET mirror servers that are on the TENET GEN3 network.

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