New Phone System — closer and closer

Published April 21, 2009 by soren

On thursday, 23 April 2009, the equipment for the new Mitel phone system is arriving.

The new phone system is an “IP-based” system, which means that the handsets will connect to the central PBX over the same data network that your computers use.  This will allow us to have only one network for voice and data (i.e., for phones and computers) instead of having a completely separate cable network on campus for the phone system.  It is the poor state of the existing voice cabling that has caused all the trouble with phones that don’t work, and this cabling has become very expensive to repair/maintain.

The new phone system should be deployed and installed during the next month or two.  Everybody will be getting a new phone, and yes, all the phones will have a CLI display (will display the number/name of the person calling).  The phones will connect into the ethernet network point in your office, and your computer will connect into a jack in the phone.

The largest task in the installation of the new phone system will be providing “power over ethernet” (PoE) to all the office network points where the new phones will be plugged into the network.  The phones will get their electrical power from the network point, but in order to do this, we need to install additional equipment in all the network cabinets.  This will involve some disruptions to network service in each area as the new PoE equipment is installed, but these should be of reasonably short duration.

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