Identity Manager Saga 2

Published November 27, 2008 by andrew

12h51 27/11/2008

The IDM system has been reaired & Upgraded to Version 3.5.1

I imported the drivers written in Ver 2.0.2. So basically We have the functionality of the NEW Version Software, with the First Generation interface drivers.

The Second step this week will be to add JDBC interface/Driver to the Keymaster-MSSQL server, so that we can deploy staff & student bio details to Access control and obtain the photo and the proxy-card (TAG ID) number from the Access control box. This in turn will be “shared” with the Stage 3 - ITS Linkup.

The ITS Link-up will replace the handbased import from ITS & NDS Data.

Stage four will be the linkup to the VOIP PABX Database to supply Staff Bio details and obtain telnumber from VOIP for other records

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