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Published November 21, 2008 by andrew

After recovering from the Novell NDS Replica crash, The Staff & Student Import on IDM 2.01 failed.

The server involved was uzmp001(Groupwise & Main NDS Server). I tried to re-install the software and restored the backup of IDM 201, but no luck.

The New IDM Server is now that will be the link in to our current tree(UZ-Tree).It runs IDM 3.5.1. The New ID Vault also running Netware & IDM 3.5.1.

I will be busy from today(21.11.08) to configure and setup the New IDM Integration.

The next step after this will be to link up KeyMaster Access control to seamless transfet the satff & Student Biographical data between ITS and the Vault and Access control.

The whole idea here is to automate the login,email and access control data sharing. thus making it faster to create logings and email for staff & students.

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